NXT creatives

Mira Podmanicka

Vysoká škola výtvarných umení Bratislava

White place, 2010

In her project White place Mira Podmanicka creates a place for relaxation, rest and contemplation. A comfortable armchair, complete with pillows, is set alongside a lamp in a small, open room marked out by white floor, ceiling and walls. Sewn layers of soft material deepen the impression of softness and comfort. On the white background, which is sewn together from fabric and polyester filling, Podmanicka has embroidered images inspired by the surrounding world and everyday events. They depict real and unreal things, patterns, stories, memories and dreams, unified into a complex piece. They reflect the world around us, make layers, overlay each other; the newer ones cover the older ones. They are defined by organic, not systematic, growth, and by accumulation. Layers overlap, but the bottom ones can still just about be seen, and there are also still empty, white spaces remaining, ready for future embellishments.