NXT creatives

Molly King

The CIT Crawford College of Art and Design


In Molly King's project, 37 lightbulbs are cast into 37 cubes of lard/wax. These lightbulbs are hung in a line, five feet in the air, above a 37 foot gutter. Once the lightbulbs have heated to a certain temperature, the cube of lard slips from the bulb and falls with a loud bang onto the gutter. The gutter itself (made from polished aluminium) is on top of pipe heating, which melts the cubes at a low temperature for the life of the installation. Titled 37 for a showing at the Black Mariah Space in Cork City, the name and scale of the piece is dictated by the space that contains it – it could just as easily be called 24 or 58 or anything else.