NXT creatives

Mona Mahmoodzadeh

HDK - School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg

Hang this to your ear!

These earrings have been inspired by a Persian saying which when translated into English is 'Hang this to your ear!'. In the Persian language this saying is used when warning someone of something. In these pieces of jewellery, the artist has returned to the rounded edged hollow forms which have fascinated her throughout the years. She has also returned to her practice of silversmithing and working with metal again. Besides their forms, these earrings also have movement and they are able to swing due to the connection of their hooks. 

Artist Statement

I stepped into the world of jewellery making through silversmithing, which led me to use metal as my main material. During my development, I have come to experiment and use a wide range of materials such as fabric, wood and plastic. This has broadened my creativity and given me new ideas and possibilities in my work. Metal has always stayed close to my heart and one reason for this is its durability, a factor which is especially important for me.
I have a great deal of experience in creating round edged, hollow forms using metal. Forms that have natural shapes and are comfortable to hold attract my attention. Soft edged pebbles found at the beach are an example. I have understood their making process and the techniques and factors suitable in creating such forms.

Although I consider myself to be a social person, I see hollow forms as both hiding places for thoughts, worries and insecurities and therefore such forms give me the feeling of comfort and security.