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Nadège Abadie

Ecole Nationale Supérieure Louis Lumière (ENSLL)

32 Boulevard de Magenta

Nadège Abadie’s 32 Boulevard de Magenta is about politics, religion, moola, the Rolling Stones, the old, the young, cats, Amy Winehouse, Loana, death, the crisis, Brittany, before, now, and elsewhere. ‘I prefer to come across as an imbecile to the morons… and I just listen to them’, confides 80-year-old Katya. During the four minute film the spectators think they are in her flat, listening to her while she is philosophising, being ironic, and ceaselessly inveighing against everything. She does not mince her words. She upsets our thoughts. She puts a spell on us. And at the end, we realize that she cuts hair too.