NXT creatives

Nelly Glorian

Ecole Supérieure d'Arts et Médias de Caen/Cherbourg

Metal Rock

In this work, we are directly projected into a miniature landscape, like a model of a tiny world, with its steep slopes and gaping crevices. These sculptures are like fragments of a mountain, cut out and placed in the gallery. Inspired by the forms of archeological plaster molds, which fix the moment of the dig, these blocks can be seen as ‘culturised’ nature. In fact, hidden behind the raw, mineral aspect of these fragments is a series of technical processes. Nature is subverted, and becomes an artifice. The different surfaces are reworked in order to suggest important contrasts, and the viewer constantly travels between roughness and smoothness, between the matt surfaces and the reflecting powers of the metal. These technical aspects remind us of the utilitarian condition of the rock, from which we extract minerals. Drilling, stripping, transporting, transforming, casting.Humans, gazing on nature, modify the status of all these things, and here the ground is seen as raw materials; commodities and resources. But is this mode of thinking precarious?