NXT creatives

Neus Ledesma

London Contemporary Dance School

Dance & Photography

Neus Ledesma's Dance & Photography attempts to find and establish an interrelationship and reciprocal connection between photography and dance, keeping an equal impact or influence from each to the other. Three dancers are given three very different pictures by three professional photographers; these are to be analysed and used as inspirational material for a movement sequence. After a few movement research sessions, the dancers end up with consolidated solo material, and individual photo shoots are taken in the dance studio to record the movement material. The images are then presented in a three-zone installation: three different spaces showing three different ways to expose the relationship between the two artforms. One, with the pictures projected on a white wall and the dancer playing with their own image; two, with the pictures hanging from the ceiling creating a landscape that offers the dancer a particular relationship of intimacy with their own pictures; and three, pictures hanging on the walls in an inverted V-shape, giving the dancer a feeling of depth and perspective that makes them come back to the starting-point over and over again.