NXT creatives

Nina Gantz

Akademie voor Kunst en Vormgeving/Sint Joost


In Zaliger we see a man, formerly a husband, now a widower, having difficulties coping alone. He tries to do his part, but without his wife it's no use. The table is set, but there's no breakfast. He has his trousers, but where's his shirt? Their life together used to be a smooth dance where everything had its own place and time. It was a loving duet, but now he's alone and everything is out of place. This film is about loss, being forced to live without your soulmate, and learning how to survive on your own. Distinguished by a strong black and white animation style, Zaliger is also characterised by its music. Composed specially for the film by Ray van Santen, the soundtrack uses and reflects on the sounds and rhythms of everyday life.