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Nína Hjalmarsdottir

Iceland Academy of the Arts


Suitable began by researching identity and resulted in a collection of personal and autobiographical stories. Nína Hjálmarsdóttir's method involved the translation of these stories into movements, scenes and interactions using video technology with layers of live-streaming and video clips. The goal was to raise questions regarding what it means to have an identity, to be of a specific gender, to be an Icelander and to be in love.

Artist Statement
Suitable is a performance that raises questions about identity and intimacy: who are we and what groups we belong to? It began with researching our own identity. The multiplied layers enable us to literally interact with each other and ourselves, blurring the line between the past and the present. The performance was created based on intuition and emotion, rather than with a specific purpose to deliver a particular message to the audience. Instead, the performance invites the audience to develop their own personal interpretation. The scenes performed in Suitable are the result of an improvisational process, with music created during rehearsals, that in turn influenced the final piece, straddling the borders of theatre, visual arts and performance arts.