NXT creatives

Océane Hänni

École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL)

Watch Out!

Watch Out! is an interactive video clip designed by Océane Hänni for iPad and iPhone. Two videos run at the same time on the same soundtrack. The user is able to divide the screen into different parts, which can then be modified in real-time. By doing this, the user creates a unique version of the video clip as they select components from the two videos. The aim is to stimulate the spectator’s curiosity to discover how the constituent parts communicate. The application sometimes takes over control and momentarily halts the user’s input, thereby erasing the user’s creations, and then relinquishes control to the user once again. This system directly refers to the song lyrics, which talk about choices and obligations in life. It contrasts the user’s freedom against the limits of the application. This interaction brings a new dimension to the video clip. It becomes a direct game between the user and the singer in the video. When the user creates separations and divides the screen into different parts, the movement and intention of the singer is altered. Thereby, the relationship between the two videos changes with every individual user and results in an inimitable experience.