NXT creatives

Oda Brekke

Stockholms konstnärliga högskola


WHEREABOUTS takes place in a white studio space, a room meant to be a neutral background, which purpose is to make anything but it self visible. The dancer is there alone faced with the audience and a question of how they will affect the dance that is about to begin. This performance is a meeting between the square room, the dancer in the corner, and the audience on a line by the wall. Through the action of paying attention Oda Brekke proposes a very attentive mode of listening. The sound of the ventilation system, a car driving by outside, or an audience member rearranging on the chair is rendered visible as movement in the room. In a slow pace she invites the audience to perceive her in the act of perception. She explores the experience and meaning of forms, positions and places. She invites us to observe her body at work, continuously negotiating, resisting and giving in to forces presently working in and on her body. It is a play within her material body, its relation to the rubber floor underneath and the air surrounding her. Slow and repetitive actions assiduously address movement, not as something carried out by the dancer, but as operations in-between all which is there, within every form and structure. Through time the piece allow the audience to drift away and come back to a space that is constantly shifting and rearranging. Rather than observing the dancer as a distinct entity in front of an audience, she invite us to linger and dwell as she blends into the room. Everyone and everything is a part of this dance – taking place– as it slowly unfolds and make visible its very specific, yet not defined logic.