NXT creatives

Olga Milczyńska

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

Where art thou?

Olga Milczyńska’s installation titled ‘Where art thou?’ consists of a number of structures which create images using re-purposed vehicles and mirrors. The peculiar design and specific colour of these objects intrigue the audience as to their function and compel an investigation following questions what do they do? and how do they work? This investigation leads the viewer towards the imminent movement of the images reflected in the mirrors that are carefully placed at different heights. In this situation, the common reality where images appear immediately and easily is challenged and the effort given to looking for a stable image in the mirror ultimately raises the question of what are we looking for? The mirrors continuously reply with the appearance of images rather than objects; reflections rather than original objects, with movement rather than static images. The sculptures both possess the mirrors and dominate the images which the mirrors reflect. In this way the viewer and the sculptures interchangeably become both the subjects and the objects of the images created.