NXT creatives

Osmo Nadir

Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Warszawie

The Rite Machine

Osmo Nadir is a rare case of a designer who can combine sound-design work with creation; going beyond what is commonly understood as “design” and into that which annexes the space reserved for art. And so it is with The Rite Machine, a lab-station for creating music and visual effects. The person operating the station conducts an audio-visual performance using a system of innovative instruments and controllers. A set of unusual instruments enables the performer to build relationships between body, movement and sound as he seems to merge with the sound he produces. He becomes a dancer, performer and musician in one. Visual variety and specificity of interaction between the performer and the machine’s instruments create a kind of “theatrecalisation” of the event, which creates a peculiar atmosphere; one typical of rituals and ceremonies despite the performance being embedded in today’s technological culture.