NXT creatives

Paula Gendrisch

Folkwang Universität der Künste


MIKROPOLIS projects the mechanisms and dynamics of the digital world onto a theatre stage in an energetic mixture of dance, physical theatre, live music and sound art. Microphones are hanging from the ceiling representing the omnipresence of the digital world, the constant possibility to self-display, and generating sound through feedback. The performers dance around the microphones, use them as amplifiers for their need to be heard and connected through their bodies. The microphones embody principles of user identity. MIKROPOLIS is a devised work. The ensemble consists of students coming from different disciplines and the Bochum based band DIE FREEDES. Interdisciplinary work was the underlying principle of the working process. With MIKROPOLIS, the students of dance, electronic composition jazz, and physical theatre pursue the shared wish to take a closer look at the digitalization of our society and to question it.