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Paulina Biskup

DIT - Dublin Institute of Technology

Adrian Frutiger: A Life's Work

The project aimed to celebrate life’s work of Adrian Frutiger, a typeface designer who had a huge impact on typography in the 20th and 21st century. He was also a teacher and his book “Signs, symbols, their design and meaning” was his teaching materials that he gathered for years. It was initially published in three parts as give-aways for students. In later editions the original three volumes were combined into one book but in Ireland it’s not being published anymore. This book is still considered to be a very valuable and informative source for students.The new publication consists of three parts – two books, which were handstiched and handbound, and a folded poster. All of them were set in a variety of Adrian Frutiger’s typefaces.The design of the publication has been informed and influenced by the Swiss style, which was a significant period in the history of typography. It aims at conveying ideas in a simple but visually interesting way. What is more, the overlay colour effect that was used for the expressive type represents printing technique that was used when Univers (Frutiger’s best known sans serif typeface) was designed. As Adrian Frutiger also designed trademarks and logos, a series of posters that include one of his logos were designed and screen printed in order to celebrate his passion for simple marks and symbols. The concept behind the project was to bring Adrian Frutiger’s body of work and ideas to a new contemporary audience and make resources more accessible to students and everyone interested in typography.