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Reber Dosky

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Nederlandse Filmacademie

My Good Fortune in Auschwitz

During World War II Hajo Meyer (87) escaped from Germany to the Netherlands. After initially finding refuge, Hajo eventually had to go into hiding. He was ultimately betrayed and deported to Auschwitz. It was there that he met fellow prisoner Jos Slagter, a husband and father of four from the Netherlands, and they became best of friends; forging a friendship so strong that eventually it turned out to be their saving grace. At the time of their meeting, Hajo was just 18 years old and Jos was around 30. Jos and his wife were arrested by the Nazis in the Netherlands and were deported to Auschwitz- without their children, who were left in hiding. At the heart of Reber Dosky’s Mijn Geluk in Auschwitz (My Good Fortune in Auschwitz) is the friendship between Hajo and Jos and the questions that arise from sharing a strong bond amidst horror: how far will you go for a friend in hard times? In matters of survival, do you choose your friend’s life or your own?