NXT creatives

Reuben Houfe

Design Out Crime

Reuben Houfe's Design out Crime animation uses bold and simple graphics to engage the viewer and support a clear and straightforward narrative. It takes a simple but strategic approach, firstly aiming to grab the viewer's attention by outlining the problems associated with crime in the UK, and then explaining that many crimes and associated problems can be avoided through design. Visual representations for various stats, figures and actions are used as aids, and it draws on a few detailed examples, choosing strong and innovative designs and ideas from product design, environment design and services. The project is a response to the UK 'Design Out Crime' initiative headed by the Home Office's Alliance Against Crime and the Design Council, and, more particularly, a response to a brief from global creative design community D&AD. Its target market is a diverse audience including business leaders and decision makers, the creative community, members of the government, law enforcement, consumers and the media. The objective of the project is not to instil a fear of crime, but to explain how innovative design thinking can result in practical solutions to crime problems, making communities and products safer.