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Robert Jarzec

Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu

Talia (type family)

Talia is a type designed for highly structured texts demanding a number of ways to underline hierarchy of contents. It is suited for texts containing a vast amount of information, from quotations, technical terms and references to several titles and section marks (like in technical or academic publications, manuals, schoolbooks or encyclopaedias). The letterforms where highly inspired by calligraphy.

Artist Statement

The letterform is one of the smallest indivisible units of visual statements, carrying meaning and having strong emotional and intellectual potential. El Lissitzky said that ‘typographical design should perform optically what the speaker creates through voice and gesture of [their] thoughts.’

While there is no type design in isolation from language ,there is no language without its communicative and performative function. Designing type thus appears to be an attempt to stay as close to the living language as possible.

From this point of view, creating new typefaces mean answering the exact needs of language users. In 2016, we have more typefaces to choose from than ever before and despite the fact that the designs are successful as a contemporary means of expression, there still is a lack of tools to solve some of the most demanding typographical situations. This became a starting point: is there still a point in creating new typefaces?