NXT creatives

Sakib Hasan

Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication


‘RSA’ is essentially a platform for young start-ups and small businesses, providing access to business mentoring and tools to grow. It is the destination for creative businesses, where teams are able to unlock their creative potentials with confidence, using industry standard tools. The project is split in two sections; Pods – which allows groups to work together in an immersive environment and the other is an open landscaped conversations pits; which will provide a platform for networking possibilities. Natural light floods the space in contrast to the pods, which are secluded from the space. The landscape conversation pits divide the open space; the cascading landscape can also act as a lecture theatre that is able to allow efficient delivery of support lectures. The sight lines are taken from the speaker’s positions, to allow unobstructed views, dividing the space into smaller areas. The blind spots are used for services such as printing and prototyping. The pods start from a circle, then the shape is broken into sectors to organise the space, these are further broken down to create the static and circular spaces. Taking the shape, form and nature, it fits into the rectilinear office grid by elongating into the empty spaces. This arrangement also allows for the pods to attach together, therefore they have the ability to accommodate a greater number of users if required. The lower part of E-Glass Epoxy fibreglass skin expands out to become seats, work desks, lounge chairs and standing desks. The upper part is smooth to allow projected panoramic displays, where users are able to share display areas with rest of their teams. The overhead projector is able to project on all the interior surfaces. The reinvention of building RSA as a hung element defies the norms of retail design and conjures up an image of a jewel case of anticipation in the mind of the user. Here, form and structural intertwine to release the brand from the constraints of seasonal fashion image making, instead creating a citadel of fashion.