NXT creatives

Sana Ghobbeh

Umeå Konsthögskolan

I am part of the disturbance

I am part of the disturbance is a staged video. It is a work existing between video art, photography, and performance that is based on a dialogue between an eye and a mouth. First, the mouth opens and exhales onto the transparent lens and covers it with mist. The lens become visible through the condensation of the mist and the eye comes to see what is hidden beyond obscurity. The eye stares with curiosity, interrupted by random blinks. When the mist goes away the mouth returns to breathing into the lens, letting the eye continue its effort. The repetitive action between the eye and the mouth has the rhythm of desperation; it slowly becomes more violent and ultimately ends in recklessness. The gaze sees the unseen and the mouth makes the non-visible apparent, all in a disturbing silence. Time passes by; the eye and the camera become one - is the camera looking into the eye or vice versa? The eye interacts with the gaze of the spectator. This video questions the distance between the audience and the performer. It seems that the open mouth is going to talk to the audience. This live performance calls people to join. With thanks to Associate Professor Per Nilsson and Joakim Hansson.