NXT creatives

Sanaz Sohrabi

AFI Conservatory


Disposables is a fictional, narrative video project which blurs the line between performance, video and fiction. Borrowing gestures from media imagery of street protests and recent emancipatory movements, ‘Disposables’ explores the before and after of these captured moments, exposing the viewer to a series of images shaped by moments of intermission and slowness.

Disposables translates violence portrayed by media imagery to a state of immediacy through a group of bodies occupying the space. Several living sculptures and installations in the space are accompanied by a narrative structure, treading the lines between fact and fiction, time and space. 

The video narrates the memory of a dystopian city through an anonymous storyteller, in which the violence in the city has altered the memories, events and bodies. There is no one version of a memory. Every time it occurs it is slightly different.

Artist Statement

Working with image, video and writing I constantly question the means of production, imagery, representation of violence through images and moments when the private body and the public body clash. Elaborating on the public and private body, my work finds its grounding in postmodern dance and body movement and the role of video in both documentation and shaping of the movement in 1960 and 70s. In this regard, documentation has been employed in such a way to create a linear historical narrative of the movement. I am interested in elaborating on the ways in which the narrative structure and the movement scores and instructions can weave into one another or break apart.