NXT creatives

Shana Teugels

Karel de Grote-Hogeschool

My magical dream fair

Worked with a flame, a simple piece of polypropylene turns into a twisted and wavy organic substance. The material takes the shape of a rocaille-like ornament with shells and other whimsical adornments. Added on impulse, the pearl-shell varnish is a nostalgic reminder of the artist's childhood, full of mermaids and My Little Pony. Ultimately, a series of jewels emerges that is the result both of experimentation with materials and of intense research into the manifestations and meaning of 'kitsch'. Plastic takes centre-stage in My magical dream fair, a work dominated by ornamental exuberance and deliberate tastelessness, but it exerts an emotive force as well. People have always looked for ways to escape their daily routine. For many, fun fairs are a time of absolute pleasure and unbounded emotion. It is the same quality with which pure kitsch surrounds itself, and which in our Western (art) world is maligned and dismissed as cheap and insignificant sentiment. My magical dream fair challenges this dominant idea.