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Sophie Dros

Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (AHK)

My Silicone Love

My Silicone Love is about Everard, a British man in his fifties, who has 12 gorgeous women in his life – all of whom are very pricey silicone dolls. He talks to them, buys them nice clothes and has sex with them. Everard genuinely loves them all. Is he happy with this way of life, or does he secretly long for a real woman? Director Sophie Dros follows Everard in his daily interactions with the dolls. They almost come to life in dreamlike and sometimes touching scenes. Everard discusses his inability to communicate with other people and the loss of his mother, an important figure in his life. Dros reveals him to be a lonely man who has found a specific way of life that makes him happy. Everard reflects on his life with the dolls with great openness and eloquence. He knows that they are not real, but it works for him. When Everard goes on a date with a real woman, his fantasy world contrasts starkly with real life begging the question: when is the right moment to tell your date that you live with 12 dolls?

Artist Statement

I make documentaries about shocking subjects and lifestyles; I find the unknown fascinating and intriguing. By diving into a subject and learning all I can about it, I start to understand it more – it is this journey of enlightenment I want to take my viewer on with me. I think that people are not that different from each other and that is what I want to emphasise in my films. As a documentary filmmaker, I believe that creating a trusting relationship with your subject is of the utmost importance; they must feel safe enough to share their innermost secrets and desires. This exchange of trust not only deepens the understanding between two individuals, but also the particular lifestyle that the subject leads becomes less absurd and at the same time more fascinating.
My interest in the subject of men who have a relationship with dolls was born from a fascination with the potential of the adult imagination. I wanted to discover both the origins and consequences of this fantasy world, starting with the concept ‘reality versus fantasy’. As Everard switches fluidly between his fantasy world and his everyday reality, so too does the film – jumping between the two in order to parallel Everard’s own experience. Through looking into this topic countless questions arose, not only about him but also about myself. I hope that after witnessing Everard’s choices, the viewer is compelled to consider some of the choices they might make in their own lives, even if the subject matter is very different.