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Stef van den Dungen

Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht

Mont Blanc

Stef van den Dungen works and lives in the Netherlands.

Formerly a house painter, Stef van den Dungen is interested in the power of colours in the built environment. A white wall entitled Mont Blanc creates a vision of the icy mountain. Climbers scale the surface of the walls, physically experiencing and evoking the imaginary mountain. Van den Dungen proposes a fantastical vision of landscape. Colour has the capacity to signify location. The behaviour of an object (the mountain) is related to nature in different ways, like the seasons. In her essay Displaying the Backdrop, Luca Soudant refers to van den Dungen's working method with the following: 'When an object is placed in front of a white wall, we tend to forget that there is actually a white wall behind it. In a way, the white wall functions as a backdrop and pushes the object to the front and tells you “this is important”. But actually the wall is also very present, perhaps even more in comparison with the object. A white wall is some sort of an object as well, a theatre even'.

Artist Statement

From my history as a house painter, I became interested in colours. The colour of a painted wall or window frame has the power to evoke associations with subjective experiences; it has an influence on our feelings on a very basic, day-to-day basis. I work with these subjective experiences in paint by placing them in different contexts, changing the viewer’s experience by making small alterations in the location and context in which they find themselves. When a viewer is interacting with colour, they are forced to confront the subjective experience that this interaction brings about.