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Stefan Klein

Athens School of Fine Arts

Doorstop (marble)

Doorstop (marble) is Stefan Klein’s subtle yet playful manner in which to address current political topics. Composed of a piece of marble plucked from the streets of Athens and transferred to Berlin, this subliminal intervention addresses the viewer through a minimal gesture that in its placement is both poetic and profound at the same time. This piece of Greece is placed, quite literally, as a doorstop, perhaps unnoticeable in its presence, the piece evokes reflection upon the consequences of its potential removal.

Artist Statement

As the favorite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects from the BC era, marble has become a symbol for the cradle of Western culture, its thinking tradition and today stands for a representative refined taste. The philosophical school of Stoicism even chose its name referring to marble architecture. In contemporary Greece and especially Athens, marble is present in daily life in various (representative) buildings, whether those are the ruins of the Acropolis or the parliament building at the Syntagma square or simply the foyer of a residential house. Through recent political events that climaxed in public space in big demonstrations, marble also received a new connotation: knocked off from the pavements and storefronts and turned into stone chunks it is used as a protest to show the discontent of the people.

At the frontier of Europe's borders and a state in financial crisis, Greece is dealing immediately with major European questions and topics (migration, buffer zones, nation states). In both a playful and subversive way, the placement of the stone is symbolically circumventing the structural order present in today's (European) bureaucratic system by proposing an alternative approach in finding solutions to these major issues. Using the marble piece as a doorstop not only literally keeps the entrance open but it also keeps an institution open – to have one foot in the door. Instrumentalising the marble is, again, another way to change the original purpose of it and to alienate it. The transformation of an object is a transformation of context: a translation as cultural transition.

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Stefan Klein