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Stine Aas

Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen (KHiB)

In Touch

In her master’s project In Touch, Stine Aas explores the emotional connection between objects and their users. Consequently, Aas formulated a research question that tackles the potential in the human-to-product connection – namely, ‘How can I increase the emotional value of products for their users?’ This artistic enquiry resulted in the creation of three lamps, of which the light is steered by different kinds of touch. Whilst the two ‘Ella’ lamps – made of tinted porcelain – dim on and off by twisting the shades, the glass ‘Osu’ lamp is controlled by pushing down on the shade.
Though Aas’ initial interests focused on the use of sustainable materials, during her research her focus shifted to the emotional attachment humans have to products, directing the project in a new direction. In contemporary design practice there is a strong awareness of using environmentally friendly materials. However, if the user replaces the products regularly due to a lack of attachment, the sustainability of the product is reduced. In light of this, it is clear that Aas’ work has an environmental importance that resonates throughout her artistic practice.