NXT creatives

Susana Modrego Ruiz

Puntos de encuentro /Points of encounter

Roads, streets, corners, junctions, intersections, high traffic areas trampled by countless people who leave a trail, an essence that persists in a place, on a tile, on a wall, in the air. It is an energy that changes every second, and that defines a place, existing only by human interaction. There is a sensation in these places that there is something more, that tomorrow you can find something more than what you already know or have, something that will make you feel alive. Roads that go from side to side, that cross and get confused, that take you and lose you, that appear and hide, that build a world which appears totally organised, but that on certain occasions will leave you with no idea where you are. You don't know where to go, you don't know what path to choose; the real begins to mix with the imagined, with what you yourself have created � and you get confused. You don't know what the true reality is, you feel insecure and alone; nobody can help you decide what to do because nobody can see what you see, nobody can see the path that you've created alone. Unconsciously, inevitably and constantly, it is you who creates your own world in accordance with your needs. You build your ways from the endless interpretation of a reality tired of being used by everyone, tired of being cut always in the same pattern � a reality that needs changes, needs you. And you need it so you can get another taste, another atmosphere, so you can be the one that guides yourself and not limit yourself to streets established since the start, streets that have their own beginning and end. It's about flying instead of walking, to make the invisible visible. You build your own way.