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Svetlana Grigorjeva

Keda ma täna tantsin?/ Whom Will I Dance Today?

Documenting, choreographing and dramatising artist Svetlana Grigorjeva's three years of BA study at Tallinn University's department of arts, Whom Will I Dance Today? is a solo that continually re-examines 'dance' as a term and a concept, mirroring the development of Grigorjeva's own thinking over the duration of her course. Combining movement and text, the piece puts dance in the cultural context of arts in Estonia, probing the stereotypes that surround what a dancer should look like, or think, or even do on stage. Here we see a person slowly becoming proud to be a dancer, but Grigorjeva's piece is not only about resisting society's mainstream thinking – it shows us instead the difficult, confrontational relationship that exists between stereotypes and artistic work, and suggests that running from one stereotype can drive us toward another...