NXT creatives

Theodora Barat

Ecole R├ęgionale des Beaux Arts de Nantes M├ętropole

Froissee / Crumpled

Meditating on the enchantment of the nocturnal city and the Film Noir genre, Crumpled is a film about cars prowling, light reflecting on bodywork, pursuits, accidents. The video, high contrast, black and white, gives a nearly abstract picture. Sometimes faces or figures appear suddenly, but like shadows. The video is projected on a crumpled sheet of metal, its damaged state foretelling a tragic end to the car chases that run across it, while the gleam of the projection recalls the rippling surface of the illuminated city. The sound mixes silence, movie extracts, and the noise of the sheet being shaken, a sonorous effect that predicts the imminent crash.