NXT creatives

Thibault Brevet

École cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL)


Grand-Central is an experimental social exploration through the combined mediums of art and machine. Grand-Central is a virtual and physical hub, a device that responds to a public online platform. People can access a website — www.grand-central.ch — with their smartphones, where they can leave short messages, thoughts, and wishes. A specially programmed apparatus — a suspended rolling plotter device — reproduces these messages almost instantly, writing with felt markers on reams of paper. The installation gathers and broadcasts the collective dialogue of an audience, and the thoughts of unknown passing people are archived on a server and on paper in a matter of seconds. It was produced as Thibault Brevet's graduation project at ECAL in June 2012. The work includes an 84-page book compiling the preliminary researches, tests, and theoretical texts that the project is based upon.