NXT creatives

Tom Kirkman

Plymouth College of Art


‘Process’, a film by Tom Kirkman and Ig Wilkinson, investigates the emotions involved in the art of creating. It is an index, a mirror and a portrait that through the exploration and metaphor of one man’s craft, exposes the process of its own production. The film subtly highlights and compares the arguable fragility of the craft of making within the contemporary landscape and that of the film onto which the craft has been photographically rendered. It explores the relationship between two endangered mediums, the processes that relate to them, their materiality and the redundancy they may face due to the rise of new media, mass production and planned obsolescence. Inspired by the Raw DIY ethos and aesthetics of the No Wave movement, Wes Anderson’s stylistic cinematography, character and set design, French new wave and the work of Jim Jarmusch and his accompanying soundtracks to name but a few, ‘Process’ is a documentary that intently blurs the line between fact and fiction. The film was shot entirely on expired 16mm Kodak WL 2210 surveillance film through a Bolex H16 and an Arri SR2 and hand processed, this was a conscious and unavoidable choice due to the subject of the portrait. With this came a heightened attention to detail, stylised compositions and a unique feel, solidifying the films originality and purpose. The film is a documentary, a portrait of Ig Wilkinson, not a fictional representation.