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Tord Torpe

Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen (KHiB)

HERE – or the art of searching for the wonderful flow

What role can a place play in creative activity? Tord Torpe’s Here – or the art of searching for the wonderful flow started with the artist’s desire to use a physically limited space as a point of departure in creating a visual story. The theoretical investigations that followed unfolded between two dimensions: place and visual storytelling. Torpe found that both dimensions open possibilities for the sense of self to be lost and for a sense of meaning to be found in its stead. Torpe’s search for meaning led him to try to understand why he was driven to engage in creative activity. What are the mechanisms behind it? What role can place take on to engender playful creative activity? The answers to such difficult questions are seldom short and unambiguous. Ultimately, Torpe found that a ‘sense of flow’ is vital in order for something to be perceived as meaningful. A crucial element in finding flow is the ability to concentrate, an ability that, sadly, appears to be greatly underestimated in modern times. In many ways, Torpe became his own lab rat throughout the master’s process, the goal of which was not to find the piece of cheese, but to find the meaningful flow. Torpe’s product at the end of this maze is an animated short film based on the short story Her (Here) by Norwegian author Frode Grytten. Here very much opened up the possibility for Torpe to lose himself both in visual storytelling and in a place – the city of Bergen.