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Vendi Vernić

Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti Zagreb


‘Melancholia’ is work produced in mixed media on paper. On the border between abstract and figurative, it is primarily a symbolic representation which inherits some of the ideas characteristic for works by Paul Klee and Joan Miro where a simplification of form does not mean simplification or loss of content but on the contrary the concentration of the latter. Vendi Vernić is developing her own signs and meanings, some of them borrowed from cartography and astronomy, giving the painting dimension of a map with its rules and system of reading that once understood the whole world and what it is based on. Choosing melancholy as a theme, Vernić gives a new interpretation of a motive constant in art for centuries. Here the artist gives melancholy a hollow body, recalling some kind of animal form but with no clearly recognisable features. Its contours are drawn in light colour against a grey background, with moments of freely composed colour splashes and scribbles but also with curved black lines appearing as hooks that come out of the background. Inside the body form there is written ‘olovo’, meaning ‘saturn’ in English and Saturn is traditionally related with this state and temperament. It shows a space without space - it has no width or height or length, there is no perspective, just atmosphere depicting the heaviness and boundlessness. It overflows and ties the body with it, piercing it and acting as a weight that makes it difficult to move. That moment of struggle but the silent moment, where questions ask questions and there are either too many answers or no answers at all; where the possibility of too much brings the fear of nothing that is the weight of melancholy.