NXT creatives

Veronica Frydel

University of Winchester, Faculty of Arts


The COASTLINES project is the first collaborative project of the new BA Journalism course at the University of Winchester. Final year BA students were organised into five teams of six people and set the task of filming an aspect of the life of the southern-central coast of England. They filmed over a period of six weeks. The idea was that the deployment of such a large number of camera crews on a single, thematically linked topic would produce a large quantity of imagery which could then be edited and re-edited into a variety of films. Each team made their own 30 minute and 10 minute film, editing down from hours of material. Finally a 'film of films', collected here as COASTLINES, was created by one of the students who volunteered for the role of producer-director, drawing upon the 10 minute films directed and produced by the others. This was done, and some re-shooting was done by the overall producer-director, Veronica Frydel, and some archive footage was also researched and cleared for copyright with a variety of public domain and creative commons sources. The editing project is continuing. Over the summer the approximately 100 hours of material will be categorised and roughly edited into archive/library material ('waves' , 'fishing boats', 'coastal industry', 'amusement parks', etcetera). These films will then be uploaded to an extensive website which will offer all this good quality material for free use to the educational and artistic community on the basis of a creative commons license.