NXT creatives

Ververis Christos

Technological Educational Institution of Athens

Sensitive Glass

‘Sensitive Glass’ is an object which is meant for people with eyesight limitations. It is a glass with a convex conical shape which has some special features. It has five sensitive elastic holes in which the user's fingers are placed with the purpose of feeling the level and temperature of the liquid inside. The design of the elastic holes is inspired by the way in which the fingers are placed on the glass when it is held. When the fingers are placed in the holes the flexible material, from which the holes are made, stretched inward by the absence of liquid. In other examples the penetration is more difficult because of the pressure of the liquid. In addition, the sensitive glass has a metallic magnetic strip which is attracted to a metal faucet (tap) when it is close to it, making it easier during the filling process. The ergonomic and modern design responds perfectly to the shape of the hand, which makes the product easy to use. Its purpose is to make the life of people who have eyesight limitations more simple. The sensitive glass is a product that has no specialised technological equipment. It is a glass which is designed to utilise the user's hand to transfer needed information such as the level and the temperature of the liquid. In the end the design of the product does not look different from ordinary glass. Sensitive glass can also be used by people who have no eyesight limitations because its philosophy is based on a common glass.