NXT creatives

Vita Evangelista

Gerrit Rietveld Academie


Appropriating various angles from a 360-degree porn video shot for Virtual Reality, H<3ME is part of a mixed media installation in which Jill - a computer animated actress, the artist herself and the real-life pornstar Dani Daniels appear in a seductive scenery. These three female identities - all constructed at different levels of ‘realness’ engage the visitor from various angles in the room.The female and male body are shown in separation. At the center of the presentation the body of the male porn actor is objectified, but as much helpless and subservient, desirable not in a sexual sense but as performed identity. While moving the camera to catch his facial features, a glitch in the Virtual Reality technology replaces his head by a big black spot. With a simple change of view the artist keenly catches the headless male actor in his own disembodied gaze.The stereoscopic scene is followed by an anonymous narrator through subtitles that intertwine personal impressions of the actions with descriptive text, raising doubt if these could possibly be generated by a bot. Surrounding the bed of actress Dani Daniels and her several mirrored appearances, three personifications of the Buddha deity and one lion seem to Dani as guardian angels to a Virgin Mary.