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Yaron Cohen

HKU Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

Until the Quiet Comes

During the war between Abkhazia and Georgia in the early nineties, 87-year-old Toro fled to Georgia with his cousin and his cousin's wife. Since then, they have been living together in a remote mountain village. Despite Toro's endless positivity, humour and resilience, the harshness of reality has inevitably started to manifest itself in his life. Until the Quiet Comes is a story about dependency and the strength to carry on in those moments when everything seems to be falling apart. Told through tragedy and humour, Yaron Cohen’s documentaries present intimate, observational stories about people, their personal struggles and resilience.

Artist Statement

Since I was little, I have been fascinated by conflict areas. My father used to be a soldier and every time he returned from a war zone he would tell me all kinds of interesting stories. Listening to these stories, I started imagining what life would be like living in an area affected by war. A few weeks before my final year at HKU began, I learnt that Russia had annexed Crimea, in addition to its ongoing annexation of Abkhazia. It reminded me of the war between Abkhazia and Georgia that took place in the nineties, and I asked myself how the refugees of this conflict survived whilst still living in Georgia. I imagined that they would feel threatened in their precarious position. Aside from the political relevance, I felt the need to immerse myself within an unfamiliar world without any knowledge of the language, culture or people. Through my experience making the film and through this immersion in a foreign culture, I hoped to discover and understand the estrangement refugees must experience during times of conflict and flight. I tell stories from an observational point of view and assemble collated footage into a free narrative that allows the shots to tell their own story.