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YeLa An

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Wien

Ajumma; Agassi

My interest is in the field of gender in South Korean mass media. In Korean mass media, field representations of women are still subordinated to male point of view. Korean mass media is an accurate description of Korean society. The mass media’s outdated images of women reflect the current state of gender (in)equality in South Korea. The two video works Ajumma (2015) and Agassi (2017) depict women who have lost their right to individuality and who have been balancing on a tightrope of immature, male demands. My two videos aim to examine gender in popular Korean culture in a new light through the use of Korean mass media images the original images. The videos first highlight the lack of TV roles available to women and then draw attention to the confining stereotypes Korean women must face when they are given TV roles.