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Zapia Company

Institut del Teatre de la Diputación de Barcelona


Persèpolis is a project that, through physical theatre, aims to explore the controversial topic of a population’s diaspora during a time of war. This piece exists in the space between dance and visual theatre, treating the distance between the Middle East and the occidental culture gently.

Artist Statement

The Zapia Company project began when Persèpolis was first performed by the students of the Institut del Teatre, in Barcelona, Spain. Based on our class work, we created a short physical-visual piece. This group came together and found a common use of expression, not just through practical work but also in the deeper poetical language that we share. This piece, originally inspired by Marjane Satrapi’s Persèpolis, has become a whole new work, entirely autonomous from the graphic novel. With our presentation at NEU NOW, we have decided to follow the trails of the extensive research that is concerned with the latest geo-political events happening in Europe, particularly with the migratory waves coming from devastated countries.