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Business Station Willem de Kooning Academie


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Willem de Kooning Academy has a Business Station, a place where students are taught about entrepeneurship. Creative professionals need entrepreneurial skills in order to be successful in competetive markets, both nationally and internationally. Apart from specific programmes and modules, the Business Station offers a wide range of activities and events about running a business. 

Both educational content as well as implementation of entrepreneurship, where students from all disciplines are actively supervised and supported in the creation and development of their professional practice, are important at the Business Station.

The Business Station is also a knowledge institution which annually compiles innovative and relevant programs in the context of entrepreneurship focused on the creative sector.

Business Station Willem de Kooning Academie

Wijnhaven 61
3000 BG Rotterdam

T: +31 (0)10-794 6151
E: wdka.informationdesk@hr.nl