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Entrepreneurial Strategies for a "Positive Economy"

The 3rd Creative Economies Report explores the dynamics of Switzerland’s creative economies. Based on analyses, facts and figures, portraits and mappings, it presents a multi-faceted picture of this industry complex beyond buzzwords like “business” and “creativity.” It thus contributes to understanding new emerging business models.

Which strategies do artists and designers pursue in search of a “positive economy”? How do they interlink contents and contexts in different entrepreneurial settings? What characterises the creative economies in Switzerland? How are the country’s creative industry submarkets developing?

The CreativeEconomies research venture by Zurich University of the Arts -
ZHdK’s Department Cultural Analysis cooperates with the University of St.Gallen’s RISE Management Innovation Lab. It curates experiments, projects and initiatives aimed at conceiving and investigating new value creation opportunities across global networks. It also develops and debates valuation devices for cultural, technological and economic performance. >> www.creativeeconomies.com


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